Brand Nu creates identity for fashion label DreamWear

Brand Nu has created the identity for new fashion label DreamWear, which aims to go ‘beyond the garment’ with events and other social enterprise activities.

Charley Jacobs
Alex Suchet

The label has been set up by entrepreneur Tauseef Nawaz, and is billed as ‘a representation of ambitious dreamers’.

Brand Nu’s Radim Malinic was brought in around a year ago to work on the branding, graphics, clothes design, website and advertising. Malinic says, ‘The idea is to have a label that goes beyond the T-shirt.’

Charley Jacobs
Charley Jacobs

The launch campaign features people such as fashion designer Charley Jacobs and cyclist Feyo Okuwa, talking about their talents and ambitions. Malinic says, ‘We chose people who are not superstars but are on their way.’

Malinic created the accompanying illustrations, which aim to portray people’s ambitions and represent what they do.

Charley Jacobs
Feyi Okuwa

The illustrations are complemented, Malinic says, by a ‘neutral’ black and white identity in a customised typeface.

The range is set to launch in July and the DreamWear website, designed by Brand Nu, is set to go live next week.

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