BrandMe rebrands Thompson’s Family Teas

BrandMe has created new branding and packaging for Northern Irish tea brand Thompson’s Family Teas.

Thompson's Tea range
Thompson’s Tea range

BrandMe was tasked to overhaul the branding, tone of voice and visual identity for the brand, which was initially called Punjana, for its launch to the rest of the UK. It was appointed to the work about eight months ago without a pitch.

The consultancy initially created the packaging for the Titanic Blend, which was launched to coincide with the opening of the Titanic museum. The packaging for the rest of the range share’s the blend’s ‘family’ look, focusing on the Thompson’s three-generation family heritage, with the Punjana Blend and Scottish teas next to launch.

Scottish Tea back of pack
Scottish Tea back of pack

Jess Dally, account manager at BrandMe, says, ‘They wanted to come over to the UK and Punjana sounded quite Indian. We thought that wouldn’t work in the UK market and we wanted to bring the family heritage to the forefront.

‘The Thompson Family has a great charm so we wanted to bring that out in the packs. There’s an honesty that harks back to an older time so the imagery and illustration looks like its from old times but making it fit for the modern day.’

Thompson's Tea packaging
Thompson’s Tea packaging

Each pack tells a story about brand owner Ross Thompson and his father, aiming to reflect the ‘attention to detail and care that the Thompsons put into every pack’, according to BrandMe.

Two further teas, the Irish and Signature blends are due to launch over the next couple of months.

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  • Susheel November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    maybe the way the picture is taken but the position of the fathers forearm seems odd.

    but very nice indeed

  • karen morton November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Sorry, there is nothing alluring about this
    packaging in my opinion. Are people really going to get the message of ‘family business’ with the ugly bloke on the front? Sorry this packaging is a real turn off for me I can’t see who they are aiming it at. good luck to them –

  • jean powell November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    I tried Thompsons punjana about three years ago and and have been using it ever since. Lovely strong flavour without the bitterness
    that you find with other strong blends. LOVE IT!!

  • mauricia stewart November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Hi like many people today i have to try and save money by buying whats on “offer ” in the supermarkets.Teabags is the exception though as i will not compromise on taste for cost.However i was tempted by the co-ops offer on your Scottish water blend teabags.I took them home tried them and loved them.They are so consistently good with no need to wait for ages for the tea to brew.I am a definate convert.Now what i would like to say is while looking for your email address to say how much i liked your product as was gobsmacked to see that this brand was formerly Punjana.I dont like punjana !!! or so i thought so your re-branding was a success in my opinion.
    mauricia stewart

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