BrandOpus redesign New Covent Garden Soup packaging

BrandOpus has redesigned the packaging for chilled soup brand New Covent Garden.

New Covent Garden Soup packaging
New Covent Garden Soup packaging

The consultancy was appointed to the work in May this year as part of the brand’s wider marketing campaign, centered around the ‘Fresh from our kitchen to yours’ message.

BrandOpus creative director Paul Taylor says, ‘We felt the existing branding didn’t really reflect that proposition so we pushed quite hard to not just change the pack designs but give the identity some meaning.’

Aiming to communicate on the soups’ handpicked, fresh ingredients, the new designs use a branded market vegetable crate as the core identity.

According to BrandOpus, this icon allows ‘new meaning and flexibility’.

Variants in the range are differentiated through a clear colour palette and ingredient illustrations.

 ‘We created a branding system that can standalone for each product to fit into’, says Taylor. ‘We shifted the core identity away from ingredient illustrations, which have become quite a generic way of communicating the flavour to create the idea of a kitchen that uses fresh ingredients every day.’

The new packaging designs are used across the entire range, and launch in supermarkets today.

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  • Lisa November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    It’s horrible. It looks basic and cheap and has lost all taste and quality cues. Why would people buy this over the retailer’s own brand?

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