Calling Planet Earth

At the end of last year, we found illustrator Emily Evans looking to death and divorce to inform her work. Now, she’s looking to greater, more cosmic forces. More accurately, she’s looking to the late mystifying musical tour-de-force Sun Ra.

Calling Planet Earth
Calling Planet Earth

Evans’ forthcoming show Calling Planet Earth – her debut solo exhibition – looks to the jazz musician for inspiration, drawing on his cosmic myths, philosophy and penchant for some truly dazzling stage outfits.

‘A lot of my work’s been quite dark so I fancied doing something quite light’, says Evans. ‘I’ve been listening to [Sun Ra] for such a long time and I love the background and spirit behind it. His visual identity is amazing.’

I'm the myth
I’m the myth

The exhibition will be showing all new work, including a series of illustrations and some huge vinyl stickers. It’s also a celebration of artist agency No Way’s first birthday, so all the gold foiling and supersized pieces are rather well-placed.

Fascinated by all things cosmic, Sun Ra claimed he was from Saturn, rather than Earth, and his musical ensemble The Arkestra went through various monikers including  The Solar Myth Arkestra, his Cosmo Discipline Arkestra and Blue Universe Arkestra.

Space Man Black Stars
Space Man Black Stars

Evans says, ‘I’ve taken a lot of Sun Ra’s quotes where he’s talking about his music and what inspired hum and visualised them in collage, paint and gold foil. It really lends itself well to the metallic bright colours.’

Calling Planet Earth runs from 7 – 29 June at The Print House Gallery, 18 Ashwin Street, London E8

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