Chivas Regal brand guidelines expressed through microsite

Someone has created brand guidelines for Chivas Regal 25-year-old whisky – with the guidelines expressed through a microsite created by Rupert Ray.

Street scene in the microsite

The microsite features an entire metropolitan block, inspired by New York City, with different buildings and places holding information about different types of marketing activity.

Street scene in the microsite
Cinema in the microsite

So the airport has advice on how to apply the brand in duty-free environments, while the rooftop bar has information about events and billboards feature above-the-line advertising.

Street scene in the microsite
Airport in the microsite

All Chivas 25 brand managers around the world have been invited to access the brand guidelines microsite through a pop-up city-black invitation.

Street scene in the microsite
Invitation to microsite

Someone co-founder David Law says, ‘What was important was that we were able to immerse the local marketing teams in the Chivas 25 brand world in a way that would give them a clear insight as to how to create events and marketing activity that are tonally right for Chivas 25 anywhere in the world.’

Street scene in the microsite
Billboards in the microsite

Someone was appointed to work on the Chivas Regal 25 branding last year, by brand owner Pernod Ricard.

Street scene in the microsite
Museum in the microsite

Law says, ‘We didn’t set out to change anything unnecessarily. The beautiful packaging work by Coley Porter Bell was the starting point.’ He adds that the new brand guidelines are based on ‘New York luxury in the first decades of the 20th century remixed for today.’

The new brand guidelines are rolling out in all markets around the world from next month.

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