Coley Porter Bell brands StepChange Debt Charity

Coley Porter Bell has created a new identity for StepChange Debt Charity, which was formerly known as the Consumer Credit Counselling Service.


Coley Porter Bell says the CCCS wanted to rebrand to ‘distance itself from the scrum of paid-for debt counselling services and to be acknowledged as the leading provider of free debt advice in the UK’.

The charity, which has been providing free debt advice since it was established in 1993, says it was also rebranding due to ‘a changing debt landscape’, including a rise in payday loans and overdraft debt.

The consultancy says the ‘optimistic but grounded’ new name was chosen following a survey of rival organisations’ names, which showed opportunity for a more memorable or emotionally-led title.

The orange and purple colour scheme is also intended to be ‘bold and optimistic’, according to the consultancy.

The words Step and Change are linked, with Change raised slightly to allow room for the words Debt Charity beneath.

Coley Porter Bell business director Helen Westropp says, ‘The previous name was doing more harm than good.

‘It was confusing to the consumer and some corporate audiences, it was shortened to an acronym (not always pronounced correctly or consistently) and failed to make an emotional connection.’

Coley Porter Bell was appointed to the project in April 2011, and the new identity is launching with a national advertising campaign in the new year.

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