Conran Singh works on energy monitoring product for Navetas

Conran Singh has been appointed to create an intuitive interface product for Navetas Energy Management, which will allow consumers to easily view their energy consumption.

Navetas logo
Navetas logo

The consultancy was appointed to the project having been introduced to the client through the Design Council, and won a pitch about six weeks ago. Conran Singh had previously worked on some positioning work with the company at the end of last year.

Conran Singh has been tasked to develop a  product that enables new ways of visualising energy use that can be viewed online and though tablets and mobile phone apps.

It is creating the visual identity for the product, as well as the interface and the product itself, which will feature a customer-facing dashboard allowing people to monitor their energy usage in their home.

Chris Saunders, Navetas chief executive, says, ‘The information and insight such systems provide to consumers is worthless unless it is easily understood and creates a long term connection that enables users to understand and change their behavior.’

Conran Singh co-founder and executive creative director Daljit Singh says, ‘It’s a great example of a very intelligent business in te energy space. Smart metering is something we’ll all have to do one day.’

He adds, ‘We see huge potential not only in Navetas¹ technology innovation, but also in bringing our product and user interface design expertise to the energy sector’.

It is hoped the product will launch in early October.

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