Creative Orchestra repositions Mr Filbert’s snack food range

Creative Orchestra has designed new brand positioning and packaging for the Mr Filbert’s snack food range, aiming to create a more ‘artisan’ look.

The Mr Filbert's range

The consultancy was appointed to the work by Mark Taylor, who founded the start-up brand around two years ago. The name references the middle-English term for ‘nut’.

Chris Arnold, creative partner at Creative Orchestra, says, ‘The brand was selling well in delis but wasn’t right for the supermarket mindset. Given the premium price point, the consumer and the retailers wanted a more sophisticated upmarket look.’

Creative Orchestra says it researched the new look and positioning through NLP techniques (neuro-linguistic programming, a psychotherapy approach), and decided to change the names of the variants to make them clearer. A new strapline, ‘really interesting snacks’, has been introduced.

Mr Filbert's fresh rosemary almonds

The incumbent Mr Filbert character has been retained across the packaging, with a different coloured apron to differentiate between flavours. The existing logo and typographic approach also remains, though the black and white of the text and background has been reversed, shown on white packaging with new product photography.

Arnold says, ‘The character was quite important as it looks like it comes from the individual.’

He adds, ‘Stylish photography is perceived as being more upmarket. Now that supermarkets use that language of black and silver packaging it’s a bit of a no-go area, so we went back to white and clean for  the purity and naturalness.’

The new re-sealable packs are used across the range of five variants, which includes fresh rosemary almonds, Italian herb hazelnuts and peanuts, Moroccan spiced almonds, Mexican sweet chilli mixed nuts and Peruvian pink peppercorn cashews and peanuts.

Mr Filbert's fresh rosemary almonds

The Mr Filbert’s range of oils and drizzles will also use the new look.

The new designs will start to roll out in the new year in delis, and into supermarkets from March.

Creative Orchestra is now working on an integrated marketing campaign for the brand and a new website.

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