Cyclist app displays emergency information

Manchester-based consultancy Wink Nudge has created an app aimed at cyclists that securely displays emergency contact details and medical information.


The Ride ID app allows users to store details and save them to their smartphone’s lockscreen, without compromising the device’s security.

This means first-aiders and paramedics can quickly access the information.

Tim Makin, director at Wink Nudge, says the app works by allowing users to create a screenshot of their information, which can then be used as wallpaper. He says, ‘This gets around the need to unlock the phone with a PIN code for example.’

Ride ID

Makin says there are also plans to roll out the app to other groups who might use it, such as hikers and climbers. This could involve different branding and functionality.

The Ride ID app is free to download and available from iTunes and Google Play.

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