Dalziel and Pow designs kids’ concept for Chilean department store Paris

Dalziel and Pow is designing the interiors for the kids’ fashion department of Paris, a department store in Chile.

Paris department store in Chile's kids' concept by Dalziel and Pow
Paris department store in Chile’s kids’ concept by Dalziel and Pow

The consultancy was initially appointed last year on credentials to design a new womenswear concept for the stores, which launched in June this year.

The kids’ department concept will be used across a number of Paris stores across Chile from this November.

According to the consultancy, the departments will use a ‘distinctive, fun and expressive concept’, with architectural room-sets and ‘engaging communications’ creating a focus on play. The themed room sets are connected via oversized door frames and key holes to allow a ‘sense of fun and discovery’ throughout the concept.

Dalziel and Pow was briefed to create a dynamic and playful department which sells children’s fashion, toys, shoes and nurseryitems. The concept will use a backdrop of a neutral canvas mixed with a bright pallete of colours, patterns and textures. The scale of props and fixtures is varied throughout the space.

Dalziel and Pow is also working on the electronics department and wedding offer for Paris.

The concept will debut in a new store and will then roll out across the Paris’ 35 stores.

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