Derek and the Dominoes

Glasgow-based Graphical House has collaborated with furniture designer Derek Welsh Studio to produce two lovingly made sets of dominoes, which exploit the groups’ respective graphic and craft skills.

Oblique's packaging has a suede lining
The Semaphor packaging

Tony Dunworth, director of Graphical House says, ‘The whole idea was  to reinterpret a classic game, and we were taken by dominoes as we‘re graphic designers – we work in symbols and marques. Derek’s a craftsmen so its ideal for both of us to express our qualities.’

Oblique's packaging has a suede lining
Semaphor dominoes come in a unbleached cotton bag

We reckon they’ve pulled it off. As a graphics project Graphic House has considered the design through grid structure, graphic marks and numeric systems.

Oblique's packaging has a suede lining
The Semaphor dominoes

The Sempahor is Birch ply with white laminate dominoes in a card box with unbleached cotton bag.

Oblique's packaging has a suede lining
The leather outer of Oblique created by Derek Welsh Studio

Oblique comprises Douglas Fir and grey laminate dominoes in a leather and suede pigskin case, which holds the form of the packed dominoes beautifully.

Oblique's packaging has a suede lining
Oblique’s packaging has a suede lining

With function, tactility and resilience also front of mind, the collaborators were moved by the dominoes’ portability ‘at home, in the pub or on the coffee table’ they say.

Oblique's packaging has a suede lining
The oblique dominoes

In fact, rather sweetly, they say, the dominoes’ ‘potential to travel means they will wear, they will collect evidence of their stories and develop a unique character from the use that you give them.’

An accompanying leaflet
An accompanying leaflet

If at the 11th hour you’re still asking yourself, ‘What do I get for the designer who has everything?’ maybe the answer is a set of these.

Dominoe plotting
Domino plotting

Each set, made in Scotland, is available from

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