Design Council Summit identity takes inspiration from the 1940s

NB Studio has created the identity for the Design Council’s 2012 Design Summit, based on designs created for the 1940s Britain Can Make It exhibition.


Britain Can Make it was organised by the Council of Industrial Design, the forerunner to the Design Council, in 1946.

Held at the Victoria & Albert Museum it featured examples of product and industrial design and aimed to showcase consumer goods that would boost the UK’s post-war economy.

NB Studio director Alan Dye says, ‘We had been thinking about Abram Games’s Festival of Britain emblem and eventually stumbled across the Britain Can Make It image.

‘This image had a real sense of celebration and was representing an event with a very similar manifesto to the 2012 summit.’

Britain Can Make It poster (designer unknown)
Britain Can Make It poster (designer unknown)

Dye adds, ‘At the same time we were also exploring the DNA double helix structure that came out of some early discussions – design is in the DNA of Great Britain. The helices we were drawing were starting to look a bit like the Britain Can Make It flags waving in the wind.’

The Design Council Summit will be held on 26 June, and will featuring leading figures from design, business and Government, including Business Secretary Vince Cable and designer Sebastian Conran.

The summit will examine the role of designing in rebalancing the economy and will ask ‘How can design turn national characteristics into economic growth.’

Identity (alternative colourscheme)

For more information on the summit visit:

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  • steve hughes November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Looks rather similar to the london restaurants logo I’ve been using recently

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