Design Triangle develops electric bus concept

Transport design consultancy Design Triangle has created an electric bus concept for Dutch company e-Traction Europe BV.

Exterior of concept
Exterior of concept

Electric motor specialist e-Traction sought the consultancy in October 2011 to design a new bus based on its technology, according to Design Triangle director Andrew Crawshaw.

The concept had to facilitate the company’s ‘electric wheel motors, supported by batteries and a range extender module – a motor to charge the batteries, in case they run low,’ says Crawshaw.

Batteries will be stored in the roof of the bus, while recharging will be provided by an overhead pantograph, (hinged electrical rod), also in the roof.

Interior of concept
Interior of concept

The body of the 12m bus will be manufactured in two main parts using ‘aerospace composites’ and a triangulated pillar structure will help support the load-bearing roof and body sides.

Concepts for the interior and exterior of the vehicle have been developed, including layouts for seating, major equipment and construction details.

The final design is one of around 30 presented by Design Triangle. e-Traction is now using it to seek a manufacturer and ‘the UK is one of their key markets,’ says Crawshaw.

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  • Gianni Z November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Remind me a lot of my thesis project “inBus”.
    Great aesthetic for a public transportation service!

  • AnilKumar cherukuri March 4, 2015 at 8:22 am

    really “Great aesthetic for a public transportation service!”

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