Edinburgh Napier University looks to estabish creative services framework

Edinburgh Napier University is looking to establish a framework for graphic design, artworking and other services.

Edinburgh Napier University

Source: Dave J Gilmour

The university is seeking to appoint 14 groups to the roster which it will retain for 48 months.

This will also include services such as digital marketing and film production.

The university says it ‘wishes to appoint external consultants to help deliver key marketing and communications projects throughout the year as well as ad hoc projects as they arise.’

Ten lots have been set out. These include lots five and six which cover web design development and mobile/app development.

Artwork support, listed under lot seven, anticipates 300 hours of artworking support to supplement in-house graphic designers.

Lot eight, full service concept creative and graphic design, requires a consultant to work on entire print projects.

A single appointment will be made for each lot, with the exception of lot ten, film production, and lot nine, additional freelance graphic support, which requires three graphic designers who will be called upon for tasks including creative design, artworking, client liaison and all project handling coming through to print.

Entrants must return a PQQ form by by 3pm on 14 September. For further details head to ted.europa.eu.

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