Find the clues to win D&AD 50/Celebration tickets

Consultancy GBH has created a painting for D&AD to mark its 50th anniversary and hidden within it are 50 clues, which if found, will yield two tickets to D&AD’s 50/Celebration party.

Painting by GBH
Painting by GBH

Nearly everything in the picture resonates with something from D&AD’s history.

D&AD says, ‘You’ll see annuals, members, and award winning work – but what else is in there? We’re challenging you to find the 50 items and tell us what they are.’

You need to get cracking if you want to have a go. Entrants need to list as many items as they can, reasoning why they are relevant to D&AD and email with subject heading ‘50 Years Competition’ by 13 September.

Winners will be announced on 14 September for the event on 18 September which promises ‘fancy cocktails and three courses with a thousand members of the creative community’ and will be headlined by De La Soul.

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  • Jean Clarke November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    This picture was made while the person had a cold. Goodbye.

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