Frank Gehry works on huge open-plan office for Facebook

Architect Frank Gehry is working on an extension for Facebook’s office in Menlo Park, California, which will be a huge, single-room, open-plan intervention.

Frank Gehry and Mark Zuckerberg

Source: Everett Katigbak/Facebook

Frank Gehry and Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says, ‘The idea is to make the perfect engineering space: one giant room that fits thousands of people, all close enough to collaborate together.’

The extension, which is planned to be around 4ha in size and will house 2800 staff, will be a ‘large, one-room building that somewhat resembles a warehouse’, according to Everett Katigbak, Facebook’s environmental design manager.

Frank Gehry and Mark Zuckerberg

Source: Frank Gehry/Gehry Partners

Model of the extension

Katigbak says, ‘Just like we do now, everyone will sit out in the open with desks that can be quickly shuffled around as teams form and break apart around projects.

‘There will be cafés and lots of micro-kitchens so that you never have to go hungry. And we’ll fill the building with break-away spaces with couches and whiteboards to make getting away from your desk easy.’

A rooftop garden will span the entire building, which will be linked to the current campus by an underground tunnel.

The current Menlo Park Campus

Source: Matt Karnack/Facebook

The current Menlo Park Campus

Zuckerberg says, ‘From the outside it will appear as if you’re looking at a hill in nature.’

Work is set to start on the new building next year.

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