Government names winners of Make it in Great Britain challenge

The winners of the Government’s Make it in Great Britain Challenge have been announced, including a pneumatic mole and a service to provide tinnitus relief.


Inventors of pre-market products, processes and concepts were invited to compete across five categories to have their work shown at a Science Museum exhibition. A total of 18 winners have been unveiled.

The categories are, Stronger, Smarter, Sustainable, Life Changing and Breakthrough – a category aimed at 16-21 year-olds. 

In the Smarter category, the GeoMole by Mark Brice has been designed to displace soil and pull in pipes which can be connected to a Ground Source heat Pump, eliminating the need for drilling rigs.

In the life changing category Tas Gohir’s Tinnitus relief, developed at the University of Leicester, aims to provide temporary relief for tinnitus, which is believed to effect 10 per cent of the western population. 

It is based on the discovery that exposure to light of individually tailored colour can provide relief from tinnitus symptoms in 40 per cent of sufferers.

The technology uses red, green and blue LEDs, tuned for each individual, which they stare at for a defined period to relieve symptoms.

Rolley Golf. Hop on golf trolley by Arnold Du Toit
Rolley Golf. Hop on golf trolley by Arnold Du Toit

The competition comes on the back of the government’s Make it In Great Britain campaign which is aiming to raise awareness of the importance of manufacturing to the UK economy.

Make it in Great Britain runs at The Science Museum from 24 July – 9 September.

For a full list of the finalists and to vote for a People’s Choice winner go to

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