Greyworld designs moving signposts for Corelli College

Art collective Greyworld is teaming up with Corelli College in south London to produce Signs, a signpost installation that will point in different directions, depending on the news.

Signs by Greyworld
Signs by Greyworld

The installation will be programmed to point out topical events, by using its GPS feed and drawing on other sources of data.

It could highlight political hotspots, a celebrity incident, a sports event, or even a passing celestial body.

Initially events will be pre-programmed, but web users can suggest new signposts and Corelli College can add its own.

Signs by Greyworld
Signs by Greyworld

Other uses being suggested are, come New Year’s Eve, arrows pointing to different cities as they see in the New Year.

Greyworld founder and lead artist Andrew Shoben says, ‘We can track anything  that moves, like the sun maybe, which the arms can follow.’

This means that the sign’s arms can point through the Earth itself, ‘which will make people realise we are just a ball of rock flying through the universe.’

The sign, which has five heads on it, might also point to an aeroplane on the course of its flight, ‘anything geographical,’ like the thinning Larsen Ice shelf, and maybe fictional accounts, says Shoben.

Signs by Greyworld
Signs by Greyworld

These would be quite obviously distinct from the factual signs. ‘We could show the Big Bad Wolf bearing down on the sign by the distance always decreasing.’

The installation will be in place on 21 September at Correlli College, Corelli Road, Blackheath, London, SE3

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