Hate Mail – the book

Illustrator Mr Bingo has gathered together some of the highlights of his Hate Mail project into a new book.

The Hate Mail book
The Hate Mail book

Hate Mail started last year, when Bingo started to send out (highly) offensive messages and illustrations on vintage postcards to paying subscribers.

As Bingo says, ‘I love post, and I’m worried people don’t get enough “fun” post these days.

'Fuck you'
‘You disappoint me on every level’

‘Last year I sent a postcard to a stranger called Jonathan Hopkins. It said on it, “Fuck you Jonathan, fuck you and fuck your shit legs.”

‘People seemed to be in to it, so I opened a service on my website.

'Fuck you'
‘Fuck you’

Bingo has now sent out more than 400 Hate Mails, bearing heartening missives such as ‘Dear Tim, You’re a massive git’, and ‘Dear Stephen, you disappoint me on every level’.

The highlights have now been brought together in a new collection, published by Penguin.

'Fuck you'
‘Dear Tim, You’re a massive git’

Hate Mail, by Mr Bingo is published by Penguin, priced at £9.99. Bingo is also organising a ‘Piss up in a brewery’ at the Camden Town Brewery on 25 October, to mark the launch.

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