Inspired – Jenny Theolin

Senior art director at Muirhoward and founder of Soapbox & Sons Jenny Theolin is inspired by her peers and friends.


My biggest source of inspiration lies within my immediate circle. It’s the enthusiasm and support from co-workers, collaborators, friends and family that muse my creative crusade.

And if what they inspire terrifies me, I know I am definitely on the right track. The infant ideas my gut applauds; they are the ones I attempt to deliver. And it’s usually the process of producing these solutions that generate the greatest satisfaction, irrelevant of the final outcome.  

Neither Rand nor Glaser, or any other ‘Google Top 10 Designer’ plays a pivotal role in my day-to-day source of inspiration. Even though I have great respect for our creative fore-fathers, it’s the contemporaries who have the right combination of talent and gut who inspire me more.

I am part of an ever-changing industry, so keeping up with creative peers, reading innovative case studies about my favourite brands and learning new disciplines and technologies is what propels me. In terms of visual stimulus, websites like The Inspiration List, which I am a contributor to, is a great place to start the day; as well as staying on top of other current blogs and being engaged with people on Twitter.

IKEA’s ‘Playing with my friends’ by Mother London
IKEA’s ‘Playing with my friends’ by Mother London

‘Doing interesting things in interesting places with interesting people’ is my ultimate aim, and that can never be achieved without the individuals around me, the risk of failing epically, knowing what’s not done before – and trusting my gut.

Jenny Theolin is senior art director at Muirhoward and founder of Soapbox & Sons

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