Inspired – Jon Daniel

Creative director Jon Daniel is inspired by the psychedelic musical gumbo of P-funk.

Jon Daniel

The year is 1980, I’m 14 years old and listening to Invicta, one of the few London pirate radio stations around at that time playing pure funk, soul and R’n’B music.

All of a sudden a track comes on that literally blows my mind. The track was called ‘Agony of De-feet’ by Parliament and it’s completely unique sound was to lead me into a whole new universe and lifelong fascination with ‘P-Funk’.

It remains to this day one of my greatest inspirations, for P-Funk is a complete and entire culture that manages to philosophically and aesthetically bind together a giant funk gumbo of; music and musicians; art and artists; and a plethora of super-cool funkativity masterminded by the most magnificent godfather of Funk, George Clinton.

Fusing the greatest musicianship with black social commentary, psychedelia, sharp, satirical lyricism and general cosmic creativity, it has informed my ‘through the line’ thinking and approach to branding and campaign communications on many an occasion and inspires me to bring my best game to all I do. Or in the words of the maestro, George Clinton, ‘If you ain’t gonna get it on, take your dead ass home…’

Jon Daniel is an independent creative director. You can see his P-funk Pinterest board here.

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