Interactive design shortlist


The Feed for Orange by Poke

The Feed is a platform that launches a monthly interactive idea that brings Orange’s values to life – innovation, generosity and fun. The Feed has to operate as a container of ideas with a monthly rotation. Poke has created a modular website with templates and assets that cover most idea’s needs. The consultancy says the project has been designed with warmth and humour in mind.


AIGA website by Method

Method designed a new website for US design membership organisation AIGA. Method says the site provides a number of resources: community, inspirational and educational. The consultancy created a site based around a mix of custom-curated and highly-curated content, formed into larger and smaller tiles and also brought in new features including profile pages and the ability to share links and write short blog posts.

The End

The End for Channel 4 Education by Preloaded

The End is a free online game, aimed at 14-19-year-olds, which considers what happens at the end of life. Incorporating strategy, puzzles and philosophical questions, the game records players’ interactions to reveal their attitudes towards mortality. Preloaded worked with Tom Chatfield, Nigel Warburton and illustrator Luke Pearson, while Phonoteque provided the score.


BBC Maestro for BBC R&D North Lab by Magnetic North

Magnetic North worked with the BBC’s research and development team and the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra to create BBC Maestro, an interactive installation that allows children to ‘conduct’ the BBC Philharmonic. Using Microsoft Kinect technologies, high-definition video and full 3d sound, the project lets users virtually conduct a performance of the 1812 Overture using their gestures.


50 Years at the Heart of Health for the British Heart Foundation by Sennep

Sennep was briefed to design and program an interactive timeline to highlight the British Heart Foundation’s achievements over the past 50 years. The consultancy developed a timeline based around a paper concertina shaped like a heart, which makes it possible for 100 stories to be accessible from the homescreen.  When clicking on a headline the heart smoothly folds out to a more traditional timeline.


Norton Campfire for Symantec by Redshift

Redshift has developed an interactive touchscreen kiosk that allows Symantec’s engineers, marketers and managers to access and understand real-time data about Symantec’s ecommerce group. The project displays information in a visual, intuitive way, for example sales are displayed not as numbers but as falling raindrops.

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