Interbrand Australia creates Igloo for Sky New Zealand and TVNZ

Interbrand Australia has created Igloo, a new pay-as-you-go TV product launched by broadcasters Sky New Zealand and TVNZ.

All Blacks Igloo creatures
The Igloo identity

The Igloo product offers 11 Sky channels and video-on-demand without the need for a contract. Instead customers choose from a 30-day ‘channel pack.’

All Blacks Igloo creatures
Igloo characters

Rather then focus on the hardware box, which delivers content, Interbrand Australia creative director Mike Rigby says ‘our idea was to create a new species of creatures called Igloo, who are eager to breathe new life into homes across New Zealand. They love to entertain and even speak their own language (Iglish).’

All Blacks Igloo creatures
Front of pack

Rigby, who led the project with Interbrand creative director Chris Maclean, says the Igloo characters ‘dress-up’ as on-screen personalities and by speaking Iglish – which consists of any word with a double O’’ in it – evocate a verbal identity for the brand, which is ‘witty irreverent and distinctly Kiwi.’

All Blacks Igloo creatures
Back of pack

Igloo creatures have been designed to entertain, explain package options ‘and help to make the set-up process easy and fun’ says Rigby.

All Blacks Igloo creatures
‘Iglish’ makes use of words with a double letter ‘O’

Interbrand has designed packaging, elements of the merchandise, the TV user interface and website look and feel.

All Blacks Igloo creatures
Avatars will be created for new members of staff

New members of staff at the Igloo business will receive an Igloo avatar for use on business cards.

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