Interbrand creates new identity for Tourism Australia

Interbrand has rebranded Tourism Australia, creating a new identity that will be used by the country worldwide.

The new Tourism Australia brand
The new Tourism Australia identity

The previous identity was based on a campaign, which ran in 2004 and was seen to not be representative enough of ‘the full Australian offer’ according to Interbrand creative director Mike Rigby.

Rigby says, ‘We knew there were elements that were working in the old logo – the representation of a kangaroo, the sense of movement, energy and vitality – but its slightly childlike feel, together with technical difficulties in reproduction often diluted its impact.

‘What’s more, research had highlighted the fact that people saw Australia as a wonderfully colourful experience – blues and greens, as well as reds and oranges – but only some of these experiences were represented in the logo.

The kangaroo has been redrawn and is now poised differently, with a different sense of movement and a new correlation to the sun, according to Rigby. He says, ‘The use of colour and type complete the picture.’

‘And, of course, it had to be a design that would create a positive expression of Australia’s brand in dozens of counties, cultures and languages all around the world,’ he adds.

Rigby worked with Interbrand creative director Chris Maclean who says it is rare ‘to concentrate purely on designing a logo’ and that ‘there’s so much more to Australia than the red centre; there are amazing coastlines, tropical rain forests, and vibrant modern cities,’ which he feels are all captured in the new identity.

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