Interbrand London chairman Rita Clifton leaves the company

Interbrand London chairman Rita Clifton is leaving the company.

Rita Clifton

Clifton, who has been at Interbrand for 15 years, is to leave at the end of July to set up her own private office as well as taking on non-executive roles. She will also develop her speaking and writing career.

She joined Interbrand as London chief executive in 2002, having previously worked at Saatchi & Saatchi, and holds non-executive roles at organisations including Bupa.

Clifton says, ‘Over the last few years, my role has included numerous speaking and writing engagements and I have increasingly felt drawn to this kind of work.

‘I am looking forward to having an independent office to do this, and to extend my non-executive portfolio.’

Jez Frampton, Interbrand group chairman and chief executive, says, ‘Rita has been an inspiration to the firm and has contributed greatly to the discipline of branding.

‘She has consistently supported our management team in London and I feel confident, the under [chief executive] Graham Hales’s continued leadership, they are well-placed to continue to grow and develop our company, and our brand, in the UK market.’

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