Jason Bruges Studio works on interactive airport lounge

Jason Bruges Studio is working on the design of an interactive passenger lounge for San Diego International Airport in the US, which will reflect the terrain of the surrounding landscape.

The New Media Lounge by Jason Bruges Studio
The New Media Lounge by Jason Bruges Studio

The San Diego Airport Authority hosted a global competition before appointing the consultancy for a design which also promises projections of detailed flight information relevant to each individual passenger.

Opening in 2013, the New Media Lounge, a non-commercial environment, will allow passengers to scan their boarding passes, recharge their devices and ‘interact with the room in a number of inventive ways,’ according to Jason Bruges Studio.

There is a particular focus on interactivity based on wildlife and the theme of migration,

The floor and furniture of the space will reflect landscape and terrain, particularly coastal areas. The impression (pictured) appears to show undulating cliffs and dunes.

Jason Bruges Studio will work alongside architecture practice Gensler and with local firms.

Bruges says, ‘The airport itself is incredibly forward-thinking and ambitious, with a vast creative heritage – it even has a resident artist. The New Media Lounge, will really push the boundaries in airport innovation, putting San Diego International way ahead of other destinations in terms of artistic and technological advances.’

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