Kimpton Creative’s growing identity for a garden design company

Kimpton Creative has designed a new identity for Rhoda Maw Garden Design.

The animated identity

RMGD founder Rhoda Maw has previously worked for design consultancies including The Partners and Hat-Trick Design, where Kimpton Creative founder David Kimpton also worked.

Kimpton Creative worked on the designs for three to four months in preparation for the launch of the garden design company, which is based in Ickenham, west London, creating a clean and simple design using plain green lettering and animation.

Rhoda Maw stationery

For stationery and postcards, an upright ‘spout’ is used, making the ‘r’ and ‘m’ of Rhoda Maw clear.

David Kimpton says ‘We felt there was something nice about using a symbol of new growth and a fresh beginning to suggest the potential for your garden, so we replicated the new growth of a sprouting shoot.’

Rhoda Maw poster

Rhoda Maw, founder of Rhoda Maw Garden Design, says, ‘I knew the idea I wanted but the shoots was all David’s idea. I think its fantastic’.

Kimpton Creative also designed a poster for Rhoda Maw’s launch, and is developing its website.

Rhoda Maw postcards
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