Let’s Play Sardines

For the uninitiated, Sardines is a Victorian parlour game, similar in concept to hide-and-seek, but in which the ‘finder’ joins the found in their chosen hiding place.

Chris Howker's anthropomorphosised interpretation
Chris Howker’s anthropomorphosised interpretation

As more finders find more found, people get crammed, sardine-like, into nooks or crannies that may include wardrobes, cupboards, or the space behind a curtain.

This may seem an unlikely starting point from which to design an exhibition, however analogue camera brand Lomography has thought otherwise, using the game as inspiration for next year’s Let’s Play Sardines show.

A very cute creation by FeltMistress
A very cute creation by FeltMistress

Let’s Play Sardines will exhibit a number of customised La Sardina DIY cameras, which let the user draw, paint and decorate the classic La Sardina model with their own designs.

La Sardina DIY
La Sardina DIY

The camera’s white black canvas exterior can be doodled on with pens, pencils, paint, and most other media you care to think of; and can also be engraved and taken apart with the wee screwdriver it comes with.

Hattie Newman's woodland-style camera
Hattie Newman’s woodland-style camera

However, the roster of designers, artists and illustrators who are taking on Lomography’s challenge to redesign the model for the exhibition have looked way beyond these seemingly pedestrian rituals for their works.

Hattie Newman's work-in-progress
Hattie Newman’s work-in-progress

Among those who will feature in the show are Hattie Newman, Supermundane, Kid Acne, Felt Mistress and Kirsty Mitchell – and the designs that have already been submitted show some pretty amazing feats of customisation, not to mention anthropomorphising.

Kirsy Mitchell's creation
Kirsy Mitchell’s creation

If this feels a little removed from the initial Sardines game gambit, all the creations will be displayed in potential ‘hiding places’ in the three Lomography galleries that will host the touring exhibition.

A close-up of FeltMistress' design
A close-up of FeltMistress’ design

Let’s Play Sardines opens on 1 March 2013 at Lomography Gallery Store East London, 117 Commercial Street, London E1 before moving to Lomography Gallery Store Soho, 3 Newburgh Street, London W1F at the end of April ant to Lomography Gallery Store Manchester, 20 Oldham Street, Manchester

M1 in June

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