Liquidating the London 2012 Olympics

With the London 2012 Olympic Games less than a fortnight away, hundreds of uniformed Olympics ‘brand-enforcement’ officers are scouring the country protecting the branding of sponsors including Adidas, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola.

The Olympics rings and the Dow logo. Liquidated
The Olympics rings and the Dow logo. Liquidated

One wonders what they would make of this new screen-print project from Zevs, which sees the French street artist ‘liquidate’ the logos of Olympics sponsors (such as Dow, seen here).

Zevs has been liquidating logos for some time (you can check out more of his work here), with previous targets including the Chanel identity and the Soviet Union’s hammer and sickle mark.

Now, troubled by what he sees as the conspicuous and intrusive involvement of multi-national brands at the Olympics, he has turned his attention to London 2012 sponsor brands.

Working out of The Outsiders’ Execution Dock studio, in the shadow of the London Olympic Stadium, Zevs is creating a series of limited-edition box sets of 14 screen-prints each featuring a different ‘liquidated’ Olympics sponsor.

Now, is that the brand police knocking on the door?

Zevs’ Liquidated London 2012 project will be available through The limited-edition run of 20 box-sets will be priced at an escalating scale, starting at £2000 each.

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