London Borough of Brent launches new identity

The London Borough of Brent has launched new identity, created by Brent council’s in-house design team.

The new identity will gradually be brought into use over the next 12 months and be fully adopted by the time the council moves into its new Civic Centre in Wembley next year.

It was decided that Brent should rebrand due to the move to the new building, meaning stationery and the website would have to be updated. Until this new design, Brent’s official identity has remained largely unchanged since 1965 when the council was first established.

The first use of the brand will be on letterheads, forms and report templates. There are no plans to replace any existing street signage.

Toni McConville, Brent’s senior communications spokesperson, says, ‘Our new civic building and new identity are symbols for everything the council now stands for – a modern, innovative and forward-thinking organisation that celebrates the rich diversity of its community. 

‘The key changes the council faces have prompted us to look at all aspects of our operations, including how we can be better recognised. The new brand is more distinctive, more reflective of Brent and makes us stand out.’

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  • Abu Sahl November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    For some reason it seems to resemble and mimic the old co-op logo. Does anyone else share the same view?

  • Lorenzo November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    It has no class, no taste, it is rubbish compared to the original crest. A waste of money, if it ain’t broke !
    Change it back please.

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