LUX/ICA Biennial of Moving Images opens next week

Next week sees the opening of the inaugural LUX/ICA Biennial of Moving Images, a four-day programme of performances, talks and screenings that celebrate contemporary moving image arts in the UK.

Still from Cyprien Gaillard, Cities of Gold and Mirrors, 2009

Source: Courtesy Laura Bartlett, London and the artist. (Part of Carmen Billows’ programme)

Still from Cyprien Gaillard, Cities of Gold and Mirrors, 2009

The event will see a series of guest curators aim to present a survey of current moving image artwork. Curators and artists such as Rosa Barba, Thomas Beard & Ed Halter (Light Industry), Yann Chateigné Tytelman, Michelle Cotton, Elena Filipovic, Shanay Jhaveri, Martha Kirszenbaum and Ben Rivers have all worked on creating the programme. Two curators, Carmen Billows and Shama Khanna, have also been selected from a curatorial open call.

The biennial will kick off with a revival of Little Stabs at Happiness, the music and film club presented by Mark Webber at the ICA from 1997 to 2000, including a screening of Roberto Rossellini’s The Machine that Kills Bad People (La Macchina ammazzacattivi).

Following this is a hugely comprehensive screening programme with works from artists including Kenneth Anger, Michel Auder, Neïl Beloufa, Tony & Beverly Conrad and Turner Prize-nominated Spartacus Chetwynd. There will also be a profile on American experimental filmmaker Luther Price, and after each screening will be a Q&A session with its curator.

Throughout the four days, a series of panel discussions will be taking place, exploring the current issues in contemporary artists’ moving image practice. Run in association with Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network (FLAMIN), the panel chairs include Bridget Crone, Maeve Connolly, May Adadol Ingawanij, and Stuart Comer.

Still from Michael Robinson, These Hammers Don't Hurt Us, 2010

Source: Courtesy the artist. (Part of Elena Filipovic¹s programme)

Still from Michael Robinson, These Hammers Don’t Hurt Us, 2010

Meanwhile, there will be live performances for three nights of the event in a line-up co-produced by Bridget Crone / Plenty Projects in association with Picture This, Electra and Tramway.

 The LUX/ICA Biennial of Moving Images runs from 23 – 27 May at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts), The Mall, London, SW1Y. for more information visit

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