Monotype Imaging in £3.2 million deal for Belfast consultancy Design by Front

US-based font design company Monotype Imaging has bought Design By Front, a Belfast-based consultancy that has developed the Typecast application, in a deal worth up to £3.2 million.

Typecast, which is currently in beta, is a browser-based tool for designing web pages using web fonts.

It allows Web designers to combine, compare and style Web fonts quickly and to visually style text in the browser.

Paul McKeever, managing director of Design by Front, which employs 14 staff, says, ‘We created Typecast simply to make it easier to work with Web fonts, and to give Web designers precise typographic control to make the Web a more beautiful, readable place.’

Doug Shaw, president and chief executive of Monotype, says, ‘Typecast fits neatly into our strategy of adding IP that complements our solutions and provides meaningful value to customers.

‘As a typographic tool we believe Typecast has the potential to take Web fonts to a whole new level of productivity and creative expression.’

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