Natural History Museum to overhaul central hall and balconies

London’s Natural History Museum is seeking a consultancy to work on gallery design as part of an overhaul of its central hall and balconies.

Natural History Museum

The museum says it is currently raising funds for the overhaul, which will transform the central hall at the heart of the museum.

Proposals include converting the hall’s eight bays into Wonders bays, to give visitors a snapshot of the museum’s work, as well as displaying specimens in new cases with dramatic lighting, and designing displays to allow the museum building’s original features to show through.

The NHM also plans to install permanent displays on the balconies, while creating continuity with the central hall.

The museum has issued a tender as it seeks designers to work on the gallery proposals. It says it is seeking to shortlist up to six consultancies, and the time-limit for requests to participate is 23 July.

For more information visit, reference 2012/S 116-192384.

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