Nesta launches cycling challenges

Innovation organisation Nesta has two cycling challenges, one seeking innovations to make it more difficult to steal bikes, and the other to encourage people to cycle to work.


The Hands off My Bike competition is seeking designs that make it more difficult to steal bikes, with a £50 000 prize for the winner. The competition is open to the public and UK-based organisations, with a deadline of 18 January 2013.

Nesta says entries will be judged on criteria including cost and environmental impact, and the winning innovation will be the one that results in the longest time to steal a bike within a threshold of five minutes.

The winning innovation will be announced in June 2013.

The Workplace Cycle Challenge Prize is being run in partnership with Challenge for Change and Cycling Touring Club and is calling on all UK workplaces with more than 10 employees to come up with new ways of increasing the number of people cycling to work. The winning project will be awarded £25 000.

The deadline for entries is 12 October 2012, and the winner will be announced in December 2013.

For more information on both challenges visit

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