New channel 4seven launches

Channel 4 has launched new channel 4seven, with an on-screen identity developed by Man vs Machine and in-house team 4creative.

The identity in use
The identity in use

The new channel features the best programmes from the last seven days of Channel 4, with a remit to focus on the role of social media in television.

Working with the 4seven logo, which was created by Magpie Studio, Man vs Machine has developed a series of idents and off-screen guidelines based around a ‘corner wrap’ approach.

Man vs Machine founder Mike Alderson says this allows the branding to show the ‘signature’ main Channel 4 identity, before turning to display the 4seven identity.

The idents and branding take the viewer from left to right. Man vs Machine says, ‘This corner approach creates a visual signature style akin to the Channel 4 “coming together” of the logo.’

The 'corner wrap' identity
The ‘corner wrap’ identity

The ‘4’ in the 4seven brand is a flat vinyl, while the ‘seven’ part is rendered in 3D.

Man vs Machine has also developed a system in which the idents get lighter or darker to reflect the time of day. They start at their brightest at midday, before gradually progressing through seven darker tones.

The identity changes colour depending on time of day
The identity changes colour depending on time of day

The consultancy was appointed to the work earlier this year following a pitch, according to Alderson.

Man vs Machine previously worked on the branding and on-screen identity for Channel 4 channel More4.

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  • Alison Bates November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Love it! It’s a really creative angle (literally!) I just watched the indents again and thought if I’d have been the client I’ld have suggested some animation right at the last minute like a diver jumping off the board or a rabbit coming out of the poly tunnel as a punctuation to the slow paced piece as it trails off a bit. But I’m not the client and no one asked me! I like it it do. Well done guys.

  • david November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    The ‘corner wrap’ idents are clearly inspired by the movie Inception.

    This doesn’t take anything away from them though – I think they are quite brilliant.

  • robin powell November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    This is complete merge of the concept driven work of Magpie with the beautiful visual work of Man v Machine. A perfect collaboration. More of the same please!

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