New ‘movement of thought’ Tube map cover unveiled

A diagrammatic artwork showing movement, by artist Sarah Morris, will adorn new pocket tube maps.

Sarah Morris' tube map design
Sarah Morris’ tube map design

The design commissioned by Art on The Underground shows movement of thought and interaction rather than a linear journey from A to B.

Morris says, ‘The work is a way of depicting a series of interactions, a subjective way of streamlining perception of multiple chains, movements and interlapping spheres of activity. My work always involves notions of what public space is.’

As with previous map covers, the work is loosely based on the Harry Beck tube map design used throughout the underground, and shares colours with the lines.

The seemingly obscure title of the work ‘Petrobas [Rio]’ is a reference to the energy company Petrobas and to the host city of the next Olympics, Rio.

Morris always names her works after buildings or institutions and Rio is the subject of her whole body of new work.

This is the second Art on The Underground commission for Morris who in June of this year unveiled a site-specific piece at Gloucester Road spanning eighteen arches.

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