Newspaper Marketing Agency launches new name and identity

The Newspaper Marketing Agency, the body that aims to bring newspaper and advertisers together, has rebranded as Newsworks.

Newsworks identity
Newsworks identity

The organisation, which is funded by newspaper groups, says the rebrand aims to highlight the ‘multiplatform’ nature of newspaper brands.

Tom Gaul, head of design and creative services at Newsworks, who worked on the project with branding consultancy Wayne Ford, says, ‘Taking the word ‘paper’ out of the name was a large step forward.’

Gaul adds, ‘We wanted to create an identity that would be quite punchy and impactful. It will have quite a strong online presence so we also wanted to give it a bit of volume.’

Newsworks collateral
Newsworks print collateral

The new identity will be used across print collateral as well as the Newsworks website, which has been refreshed but will have a full redesigns soon, carried out in-house.

Gaul says, ‘We’re looking to freshen it up and bring it right up to date, with features such as video and social networking.’

Rufus Olins, chief executive of Newsworks, says, ‘The old language of press or paper doesn’t fit any more – it only describes one format – and that is why newspapers now need to be understood as newsbrands.’

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  • Tahir Jamil November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Would love to work on this as part of my post graduate study. Where can I get more information about this project?

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