Olympics closing ceremony brings games to an end

Olympics closing ceremony

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Olympics closing ceremony

A closing ceremony designed by artistic director Kim Gavin has brought the London 2012 Olympic games to an end.

Gavin worked with a team including stage and costume designer Es Devlin for the show which saw a flaming phoenix rise as Thomas Heatherwick’s cauldron was dismantled in the same manor it was erected.

The copper petals making up the torch will now be taken home by each of the competing countries.

Olympics closing ceremony

Source: p_c_w

Olympics closing ceremony

An opening section called Rush Hour showed a chaotic London scene, which gave way to Actor Timothy Spall playing Winston Churchill emerging from a model of Big Ben and the revealing of an artwork by Damian Hirst.

Hirst’s work – an abstracted impression of the Union flag – filled the floor of the stadium.

A miniature London skyline in the stadium dominated much of the ceremony which was largely music-based and curated by music director David Arnold.

Olympics closing ceremony

Source: p_c_w

Olympics closing ceremony

Gavin says, ‘I was lucky because Seb Coe basically just asked me to put on a party; a celebration of London and the UK.

‘We wanted the Ceremony to reflect on UK music and how good and global British music is.’

Performers included Madness, the Pet Shop Boys, Ray Davies and One Direction.

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  • Ben Coleman November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    The closing ceremony was uninspiring and a bit disappointing on too many levels to mention, not least the sound quality.

    It was as clichéd as I imagined the opening ceremony was going to be (but fortunately turned out to be stunning).

    But, I suppose it could have been worse.
    Boyle yes, Gavin no.

  • Tap K November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    I’m wondering about the typography on the closing ceremony stage. Who designed it and what was it about? any info?

  • jon carnall November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    visually interesting in bursts, great work from es devlin. Flow of the ceremony totally wrong and musically an utter shambles…there’s so much great talent in the uk…look at underworld and High Contrast’s opening soundtrack and compare to the utter predictability of acts here…honestly…a wedding dj would have been better

  • mikkey November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    i was confused from the begining. why did he bring back old singers who clearly can not sing any more. they were flat and out of tune. t the time i said it began like a bad dream and turned into a confusing nightmare. Im sorry for not sounding patriotic but the opening ceremony was amazing we were griped from the very first moment. It was like a fairy tale but better and we loved it. shame gavin failed to deliver . i think the team memebrs of Gb should have stared in it instead of so called celebrities who for many fame is due to scandal. Great britian is truly grate and gavin couldnt see it

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