Ostmodern works on ITV Player relaunch

Interactive consultancy Ostmodern has worked with ITV on the design of its new ITV Player, which is being re-launched with a new ad-free paid-for-content business model.

New ITV Player home page
New ITV Player home page

The consultancy says it was initially approached by ITV in 2011 to update the existing product ‘into a more streamlined and usable experience, concentrating on content discovery, organisation and exposure.’

Ostmodern has built on its own work to deliver the latest version, which offers 30 day advertising funded free catch-up content, 30 day rental of single ad-free episodes from ITV’s archive from 49p, and access to 90-day rental of ad-free full series box sets, ‘at a discounted price’ according to the broadcaster.

The new version can be viewed in beta here and appears to have developed the same look and feel but with a more simplified identity and navigation then the incumbent version, still available here.

Ostmodern says, ‘ITV briefed us to define the future strategy for ITV Player. They asked how they should offer video content across a plethora of devices including mobile, tablet, desktop, TV and games console environments.’

ITV online product director James Micklethwait says, ‘Our all new ITV Player is a huge step forward in offering our viewers not only an improved catch-up experience but also the chance to access a wider range of ITV’s rich mix of programming, on demand, for a competitive price.

‘We see this as offering our viewers a little bit extra for a little bit extra, and look forward to evolving and improving the new Player going forward.’

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