Primark opens new Oxford Street store

Dalziel and Pow has created the interiors for the new branch of Primark, which opens on London’s Oxford Street today.

Primark Oxford Street east interior

This is the second Primark to open on the street, with the first, more westerly branch opening in 2007, also with interiors by Dalziel and Pow.

The consultancy has worked with the brand since 1989 on store interiors, creating retail concepts for branches across the UK and Europe.

Primark Oxford Street east interior

The new Oxford Street branch will not feature a new store concept, though David Wright, Dalziel and Pow marketing manager says there will be lots of new elements introduced in the 6500 square metre shop space, which previously housed the Virgin Megastore.

Primark Oxford Street east interior
Display screens at the store

The new store features large screens displaying products and promotions, which are used throughout the space and behind the cash desks. The black and blue colour palette is used throughout the space, and echoed in fittings such as fluorescent lighting pieces and visual merchandising displays.

Primark Oxford Street east light fittings
Light fittings at the store

The in-store wayfinding aims to create a ‘conversational’ feel, echoing the ‘local’ emphasis placed on more recent branches. Prior to the store’s opening, hoarding outside showed a site-specific map of the area, with an illustrative style, also developed by Dalziel and Pow, highlighting key points of interest local to the store.

Primark Oxford Street east hoarding

Source: Dalziel and Pow

Primark Oxford Street east hoarding

The ‘Primark Goes Local’ idea was debuted in the Westfield Stratford branch, and has since been used in around 10 further stores.

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