P&W designs look of new Tesco orange juice

Pemberton & Whitefoord has designed the packaging for Tesco’s new Spanish Orange Juice drink across two varieties.

Spanish Orange Juice design by P&W
Spanish Orange Juice design by P&W

P&W, which is rostered by Tesco, was approached in January and asked to create a look that would distinguish the drink from other Tesco juice ranges which are both made from concentrate and not made from concentrate.

 ‘The idea of the Matador was used to create an iconic symbol, integrating the photographic orange within the illustrations for a sense of fun and still differentiating between the smooth and with bits orange juice varieties,’ according to P&W.

The type and illustration were created in house by P&W senior designer Ian Dobson.

The design wraps around the pack so that the character, ‘comes to life,’ according to P&W, which says it has looked to make the design ‘light hearted, eye catching and distinctive.’

There are no plans to expand the range at the moment, although P&W says a third variant was discussed.

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