Roundel and Chaos merge

Roundel has merged with Chaos, joining its ‘Chaos Network,’ and moving to its London premises, allowing both consultancies to share resources.

Roundel's rebrand of City Lit
Roundel’s rebrand of City Lit

Linda Rogers, associate director of Roundel says that Chaos, a larger consultancy which has offices in Guildford, London and Lausanne, Switzerland ‘has complimentary skills in marketing and communications. They’re also very substantial in advertising and communications and have an in-house digital team which we don’t.’

There are no redundancies or staff changes, according to Rogers, who hopes the move will give both consultancies a bigger presence in London ‘by drawing on a larger support network.’

Roundel has moved from Kensington to Chaos’ Fitzrovia premises in London to make the merger possible, which ‘will allow collaboration across clients and projects,’ says Rogers.

‘Branding, marketing and communications are part of the Roundel DNA,’ says Rogers, and will therefore continue to be part of its core offer.

She confirms that the Roundel and Chaos names are unaffected by the merger. 

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