Saffron rebrands The Institute of Cancer Research

Saffron has rebranded The Institute of Cancer Research, London, with graphics inspired by the Fibonacci sequence.

Institute of Cancer Research logo
Institute of Cancer Research logo

The consultancy began work on the project about a year ago following a credentials pitch, and was tasked with creating a new brand that would ‘increase ICR’s profile as a global centre of scientific excellence with a focus on patient benefit. The rebrand marks part of the charity’s plans to raise £100 million by 2020.

The designs are inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, a pattern of numbers commonly found in nature. The branding uses a bright colour palette, aiming to reflect ‘progress, discovery and innovation.’

Institute of Cancer Research branding
Branding based on the Fibonacci sequence

‘There are countless cancer charities and institutions – it’s a very important area, but potentially very confusing’, says Ian Stephens, Saffron managing director. ‘We needed to clarify [the charity’s] position through its verbal and visual identity.’

Saffron created the message ‘making discoveries that defeat cancer’, deciding it was a phrase that was clear to non-scientific audiences but accurate for scientific audiences that understand that research in the field is more about discoveries rather than ‘cures’.

Making Discoveries that Defeat Cancer

Making Discoveries that Defeat Cancer

Stephens says, ‘for the visual identity, it was about finding the right balance and tone. The very vibrant colours are balanced with the grey of the logo so it feels sophisticated and not too shouty.’

He adds, ‘We kept the name as its well known but the lettering has evolved. It’s based on the Replica typeface, which is quite a technical typeface but with chiselled-off edges so it’s not too aggressive, but it’s not too soft. It feels confident and calm.’

The identity is shown across all The Institute of Cancer Research materials, including the website, Research reports, fundraising collateral and job advertisements.

Institute of Cancer Research materials

Institute of Cancer Research materials

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  • karen morton November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Intelligent, accurate and on the money in my opinion – well done Saffron –

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