Self-promotional projects shortlist


Merry Christmas One & All by Alphabetical

For its consultancy Christmas Card, Alphabetical says it aimed to create ‘the ultimate Christmas alphabet’. It created individual letters from festive objects, and left space under each letter to put the recipient’s name.


In-Brief Book by Hat-Trick Design

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Hat-Trick Design created small book In-Brief, which showcases some of the consultancy’s work from the last decades. Each project came with a short description written by Nick Asbury, and the book opens with a quote from author Elmore Leonard: ‘I try to leave out the parts that people skip.’


Back-stabbers, Publicity Shy and Old Mod Mailer, by Coy! Communications

Coy! Communications produced two campaigns to promote talks by consultancy director Mark Denton. ‘Back-Stabbers’ was for a talk at RCKR/Y&R titled ‘How to survive 33¾ years in advertising’ while ‘Publicity Shy’ was for a talk at Red Brick Road. Coy! also created the ‘Old Mod’ mailer to promote both its services and those of photographer Sean de Sparango.

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