Service design shortlist

The New Virgin Atlantic Economy Meal Service by Virgin Atlantic Airways 


Virgin Atlantic created a new Economy meal service offer following the rebrand of the company in 2010. The airline wanted to create a meal service that would be more appropriate to passengers’ body-clocks on long-haul flights; change perceptions about airline food and allow crew more opportunity to interact with passengers. It introduced the concept of courses, as well as design details such as a bespoke tray and deeper dishes.


Service Essentials for Aggrelek by Design Wales

Design Wales worked with Swansea-based company Aggrelek, which manufactures electrochemical water-treatment units, to help it introduce new technologies and drive growth. Design Wales created a series of workshops, called Service Essentials, which mapped out customer journeys and helped the company revise its limited product- and sales-focused business plans.

Community Coach

The Community Coach for Barnet Council and Nesta by Thinkpublic

Think Public was asked by Barnet Council to design and prototype a life-coaching service for families with complex needs. The consultancy created a multi-disciplinary team from across the community and generated ideas before running a prototyping session in the community. Six volunteers were trained as community coaches and given specially designed resources material. The council was given a service blueprint and is now launching it across two new communities.

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