Sheridan & Co redesigns Urban Decay cosmetics’ London flagship

Sheridan & Co has redesigned cosmetics brand Urban Decay’s flagship store in London’s House of Fraser.

Urban Decay House of Fraser London flagship
Urban Decay House of Fraser London flagship

The consultancy has previously created retail interiors, furniture and promotions for Urban Decay in the UK, Europe and the US, having worked with the brand for the last 13 years.

The work for the flagship redesign draws on these previous concepts, as well as taking cues from the brand’s US stores.

Michael Sheridan, Sheridan & Co chief executive, says, ‘Before we had something more on the “urban” side of Urban Decay, and we’ve definitely made it more contemporary and sumptuous without losing its slightly outrageous personality.’

According to Sheridan & Co, the store uses mirrored glass etched with one of Urban Decay’s bespoke graphic patterns, polished stainless steel, chrome and decorative laminates.  The purple colour palate remains, though it has been pushed-back in favour more using more reflective surfaces.

Urban Decay House of Fraser London flagship
Urban Decay House of Fraser London flagship

Steve Thomas, head of design at Sheridan & Co, says, ‘Our challenge was to take the brand interior forward without losing any of Urban Decay’s personality or diluting its already strong in-store presence. The new design is elegant and luxurious but still retains the flirtatiousness of the brand.’

The House of Fraser space uses four consultation areas, each featuring double-sized oval mirrors with in-built illumination to allow customers to sample the products in optimum lighting.

Sheridan & Co created a drawer storage system that aims to create a ‘boutique feel’ while allowing staff secure, easy storage; and the area also features bespoke Urban Decay sconce lighting and chairs.

Sheridan adds, ‘In terms of the materials and the graphics application it has more of a feeling of an artistic interpretation. There’s lots of swirls and graphic elements within the site which were more hard and etched before but now it’s more subtle. It’s a bit more sophisticated.’

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