Softroom and BuroCreative work on Wahaca shipping crate restaurant

Mexican restaurant chain Wahaca is set to open a new restaurant on London’s South Bank, built from recycled shipping containers.


The restaurant, which is being designed by architect Softroom and will be in place for 18 months, will use two rows of four recycled shipping containers, arranged in a two-storey overhanging structure.

Installed at the Southbank Centre, it will have space for 130 diners, a bar and outdoor seating on a terrace at the Queen Elizabeth Hall.


Each container will be painted a different colour, and one of the containers has been cantilevered out over the eastern end of the site to create a canopy over a ramped entrance.

Inside, the front and back containers are separated by a glazed link, which allows light into the spaces, while new and reclaimed furniture is used throughout.


BuroCreative and curator Tristan Manco are working with a series of Mexican street artists who will decorate the restaurant on a rotating basis.

The first will be Mexico City artist Saner, who will be working on a set of murals for the site.

Work by Mexican street artist Saner

The South Bank Wahaca branch is set to open at the end of June and will be in place for 18 months.

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