SomeOne brands Tesco-backed coffee house Harris and Hoole

Harris and Hoole, a new coffee shop backed by Tesco, is set to launch with branding by SomeOne and interiors by Path Design.

Harris and Hoole brand by SomeOne
Harris and Hoole brand by SomeOne

The owners of coffee shop chain Taylor Street, have set up Harris and Hoole, which is being backed by Tesco as a 49 per cent share holder in the business .

SomeOne was appointed in May after pitching against Think Idea and Canadian consultancy Idea Couture, according to Harris and Hoole and Taylor Street co-founder  Nick Tolley.

Tolley and SomeOne conceived the Harris and Hoole name, which is derived from two coffee-loving characters found in Samuel Pepys’ 17th-century diary.

A strategy has been set out which positions Harris and Hoole as ‘a chain of independents,’ according to Tolley, who says he wanted the brand to embrace ‘the consistency and convenience of chains, but with an independent local community feel where the product has integrity.’

SomeOne has taken a de-branded approach, where coffee cups are plain, and paper bags are stamped with a small logo.

The identity has a simple look which will be expressed through the shops by shop managers given a range of colour options.

SomeOne co-founder David Law says these include, ‘a fascia palette where the management can pick a colour which best fits in with the community.’ The main palette will consist of blue, white, and golden egg yolk yellow.

SomeOne worked with Path to mood-board an interior palette including real wood, denim and blackboards, which Path is designing into the space.

The first Harris and Hoole brand opens on 20 August in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, and a second is planned for Uxbridge, before around ten more, while grab-and-go supermarket concessions have also been mooted.

Nick Tolley says ‘We’ll be giving other jobs to local agencies as we need to.’

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  • Jimbo November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Looks great. And smart of Tesco to take the back seat.

    Another nice one from SomeOne too. Elegantly understated work.

  • Spencer November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Really like how ‘underbranded’ this is.

    With backing from Tesco I would imagine it could be quite tough to pull this kind of approach off.


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