SomeOne’s Vorticist branding for Halcyon

SomeOne has created a Vorticist-style brand identity for new cultural development The Halcyon, which opens in Islington, London, next year.

Vorticist bottles
Halcyon identity

The Halcyon will feature a gallery, music and retail spaces, a restaurant and a bar, and will be housed at the former Post Office at 46 Essex Road, which is being refurbished by interiors group ARA.

Vorticist bottles
Vorticist-style Halcyon imagery

The project is being developed by Aquarius Investments, which also owns the classic British car brand Bean.

Vorticist bottles
Halcyon, Thunderbolt and Sundowner identities

This Bean heritage is referenced in the development, with the Sundowner bar named after a record-breaking 1920s car, and the Thunderbolt restaurant taking its title from a 1930s Land Speed Record holder.

Vorticist bottles
Halcyon print material

Meanwhile the Halcyon name is, according to SomeOne, intended to reference the halcyon days of Britain’s creative past.

Vorticist bottles
Vorticist bottles

The identity takes inspiration from the early-20th-century Vorticist movement, which SomeOne co-founder Simon Manchipp describes as ‘quite an overlooked movement’.

Vorticist bottles

Manchipp says the identity has also been developed around The Halcyon’s aim to offer ‘all manner of splendid things’.

Vorticist bottles
Coffee cups
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  • Paul Hooper November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    I personally like it. Be careful it doesn’t get out of hand. I hope that Halcyon (if they ever take the control of the brand on themselves) treat it with the same style and love.

  • Simon Deutsch November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Now that’s beautiful. Love the colour palette. I wonder how complex it is to replicate though? Not that this should limit the design. If I had my guidelines head on, I’d be really worried that others would mishandle it.

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