Spine-chilling film event The Vanishing Point

‘Good morning. You are one day closer to the end of the world. You have been warned.’

The Vanishing Point identity
The Vanishing Point identity

A letter arrives at Design Week, telling us we must go to London’s St Mary Magdalene’s Church crypt. We must bring a camera and ensure we’re not followed en route. We receive a short apology about ‘how the birthday party turned out’.

All these mysterious warnings and commands are, however, not as sinister as they sound. Instead, this is the invitation to interactive cinema company The Vanishing Point’s screening of The Omen taking place this month – which looks to be a spectacle not to be missed.

In a similar vein to the Secret Cinema events, The Vanishing Point takes an unusual space to screen iconic films in a wholly immersive environment.

The Vanishing Point Omen poster
The Vanishing Point Omen poster

Having already recreated the Bates Motel for Psycho and taken over old Police Station for John Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13, Richard Donner’s The Omen will see an eerie London church crypt reimagined for the terrifying 1976 film.

The Vanishing Point works with freelance set designers to create the spaces, and design group OneNineFour has created the striking branding. It will also work on graphics and signage for The Omen screening.

The logo was designed by The Vanishing Point, and is inspired by that of David Lynch’s production company.

The crypt
The crypt

Paul Reed, The Vanishing Point co-founder and creative director, says, ‘We’d wanted to do something in a crypt for a while we found this one online – I don’t think anyone’s ever used it for a screening before.’

He adds, ‘What appealed was the weirdness of the space – there are so many different architectural styles going on but there’s a really unusual, ornate chapel and a church organ. It’s a really atmospheric space.’

Reed says that much of the setting will be inspired by The Omen’s birthday party scenes; and musical accompaniments will feature Gregorian changing from a live choir, inspired by Jerry Goldsmith’s original score for The Omen.


The Vanishing Point will be showing the Omen in the Crypt of St Mary Magdelene Church, London W2, on 16 June. For more information visit www.thevanishingpoint.org.uk

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